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Domingo, 7 de marzo de 2021

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Viernes, 30 de Agosto de 2019

Stretch your freedom: MUSTANG and ISKO™ launch the new MoveOn Denim

MUSTANG and ISKO™ present a new collection at a launch event in Munich: MoveOn jeans by Mustang using ISKO Blue Skin™. The fabric guarantees maximum comfort and free movement.

MUSTANG, leading European denim brand, and ISKO™, the premium denim ingredient brand, excitedly announce their latest collaboration, MoveOn. Media representatives and fashion influencers were introduced to the new collection during the launch event which took place in Munich, Germany.

Comfort and freedom of movement are playing an increasingly important role in the denim segment, especially in everyday life. The jeans of today should fully participate in every action and every adventure, while perfectly fitting and sitting to form a beautiful silhouette. It is however important that the jeans possess an authentic denim look at the same time.

With the new MoveOn collection, Denim specialists MUSTANG and ISKO™ are breaking new ground in terms of comfort and freedom of movement and the offer is totally unique in the market.

The new MoveOn collection uses the patented technology ISKO Blue Skin™, a fabric featuring a stretch that works four ways. Like a second skin, this extra-light stretch fabric goes along with every movement, provides extraordinary support and stability, and is comfortable to wear. The denim fabric has a 360° elasticity and expands in all directions. As a result of the special weaving technique, MoveOn has a refined and extremely comfortable fit. An authentic denim look with contemporary washings completes this sophisticated denim product. The jeans will become an absolute highlight in the upcoming autumn/winter season because of elaborate details and highquality use of materials. The MoveOn Jeans are all-rounders and can be styled to the rest of the MUSTANG collection.

Daniel Peterburs, Chief Product Officer, MUSTANG, said: "MUSTANG is a byword for freedom, adventure, and authenticity. These values, our thoroughly honest denim philosophy, paired with ISKO´s innovation and patented technologies, are 100% reflected in the design, fit, and comfort of the new MoveOn jeans. The jeans establish a new level of wearing comfort for everyone who loves denim. These are real purchasing arguments for the customer and therefore, a competitive advantage in the market. We have confidence that the MoveOn jeans will establish themselves as the denim must-have for everyone who wears jeans."

This collaboration will be accompanied by a comprehensive campaign with various marketing and sales activities, including eye-catching PoS materials as well as hangtags, pocket flashers and labels on the product, which clearly illustrate the advantages of the new MoveOn jeans. A unique Denim Ambassador training program will support and motivate the sales staff in the MUSTANG stores.

MUSTANG and ISKO™ - a strong partnership
Combined with a successful company history, MUSTANG and ISKO™ connect their passion for denim, great innovation, and creativity. With MoveOn, both companies continue their collaboration, a successful partnership that promises to impress its customers. If you love denim, you cannot miss MUSTANG and ISKO ™.

Elena Faleschini, Global Field Marketing Manager, ISKO™: "It has been an absolute pleasure to work with MUSTANG on the MoveOn launch: ISKO and Mustang are two great brands coming together to unite their expertise in fashion and product innovation! The ISKO Blue Skin™ patented technology ensures freedom of movement and extreme comfort, and its fabric characteristics are a guarantee of perfect, long-term wearability for the MUSTANG customer. A guarantee of success.”

MUSTANG was the first European denim brand who brought the jeans to Germany in 1932, made them suitable for everyday use and made them available for women for the first time – a real revolution. Everything else is denim history, which continues today and is being driven forward.

ISKO, the leading ingredient brand on a global level, is the first denim producer in the world to be recognized with the Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel certifications. The company has a production capacity of 300 million meters of fabric per year, with 2000 state-of-the-art automatic looms. With a global presence and offices in 35 countries, ISKO is part of SANKO TEKSTIL, the textile division of SANKO Group. SANKO Group is one of the largest conglomerates in the world and is active in a wide variety of sectors, from construction and energy to packaging, financial services, healthcare, and education. It is also a significant investor in the field of renewable energy, mainly hydroelectric and wind power plants.

ISKO is a trademark of SANKO TEKSTIL.


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